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23 - 25 OctoberPlanet Earth

What is Kids Hack The Crisis?

#kidshackthecrisis is a global online hackathon for children to create solutions to the #COVID19 pandemic. During 48 hours, children from all over the world join and co-create solution to the challenges faced by them due to the pandemic. Together, we will build ideas  aimed at improving life during and after the crisis.  The participants can take part in one of the below 3 tracks. 
As a volunteer you will be working with the Kids Hack Day team on  track 2

Track 1 - The Spark
Unmoderated idea submission 

Ages 10-18

Track 2 - The Experience 

Highly moderated Ideation and Skill building

Ages 10-15

Track 3 - The Challenge*
Semi-moderated and opt-in innovation competition

Ages 15-18

    *The Challenge track is organised by our friends at Open Hack

    The main organizer of the entire Hack is The Swedish Institute 
    in collaboration with UNICEF Sweden.

    What am I signing up to?

    You are signing up for The Experience Track, aimed at ages 10-15. You will be able to choose between different slots when we have confirmed you as a volunteer. All slots will require active facilitation for roughly 10 children on ZOOM using the tool - You will be onboarded by our team on slack and we will hold your hand along the way with plenty of resources to get you comfortable. An estimate is that you will need around 2 hours of preparation time. For the event you will have 3 alternatives to choose from. 

    Alternative 1

    Sign up for Friday (23rd), Saturday (24th) & Sunday (25th)

    We recommend this option if you want to get the most out of the event in terms of teambuilding with the kids and follow them on the whole journey.

    Alternative 2

    Sign up for Friday & Saturday only

    Alternative 3

    Sign up for Sunday only



    Apart from gaining experience and learning new tools in online facilitation for kids as a thank you for your support you will also be rewarded with a certificate of participation signed by General Secretary of UNICEF Sweden, Pernilla Baralt, as well as Director General at the Swedish Institute, Madeleine Sjöstedt.

    Volunteer Resources

    All resources needed for you to fulfill your commitment will be shared with you on an internal slack channel. These include: Mural onboarding videos, Mural canvas, Dedicated volunteer coordination slack channel where you can ask all questions you have, as well as access to our team of lead facilitators and co-hosts who will also be able to help you with any questions you might have along the way. 

    See you on slack!

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    Day 1: Timezone EST

    1,5 hours of active facilitation plus 30 min breaks. You will facilitate a group of 10-15 kids divided into the age ranges 10-11, 12-13 & 14-15. You will use the tool and be the host of a ZOOM break-out room managed by our lead facilitator Kelsey (see photo). You will be asked to join 15 min before the session starts.


    Day 1: Timezone CEST (summer time)

    Same as above with the only difference that this slot also includes a live check-in with the official livestream of the event that is beeing broadcasted from Stockholm, Sweden.


    Day 2: Time Zone EST

    1,5 hours of active facilitation in Mural and 2 skill-based tools which you will learn more about on our shared slack channel after having signed up. Don't worry. We got you!


    Day 2: Time Zone CEST (summer time)

    Same as above!


    Day 3: Timezone EST

    1,5 hours of active facilitation in Mural around ideation and prorotyping. You will learn more about what this entails after having signed up and joined our shared slack. Don't worry. We got you!


    Day 3: Timezone CET (winter time)

    Same as above!


      Online Safety, Kids & Promo

      The online safety of the participating kids is of highest priority. There are plenty of ways you can help us with this. Firstly we encourage you to read our Volunteer Code of Conduct available in the terms of our sign-up form, as well as HERE.

      Secondly we encourage you to help us recruit kids within your own network. If a kid knows there is an adult in the room they have a personal connection to, we know from experience they will be more likely to take the leap of faith and join the hack. Perhaps you have a kid yourself in the right age that you think you could convince to join? Perhaps you have students you could contact or perhaps you have friends or other relatives with kids that know you?

      Then show them the video above and below and try to convince them to join. If you want to share the video on social media please download it and upload it to your channels (e.g. tiktok, instagram, linkedin). Captions & Videos downloadable HERE